Enhance your enjoyment and entertaining time after sundown with outdoor lighting. Haley, Inc. can professionally install a system for you after considering all your needs. We understand landscape lighting concepts, voltage drop, installation techniques, and fixture placement. Low voltage systems reduce 120 volt current to safe, energy efficient 12 volt current. Automatic timers, photocells, and remote controls eliminate the need to turn lights on and off each day.



Light is needed for walks, steps, and turns. People should feel comfortable and at ease traveling the walkways.

Lights can eliminate the dark recesses around a home. When lights are on, the home appears occupied.

Highlight large trees, unusual plants, garden benches, or focal points. Leave the area between lights in darkness to create added visual interest.

Welcome guests with light from the car to the door. Use light to provide direction or to illuminate entries or patio areas. Highlight a handsome tree to add a festive touch.

Lights will bring your garden and walkways to life!

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